Sunday, 5 June 2005

Statue Empire

Hooray for Scrivener! He's taken on my statuary project with a ripper entry about some whack turtle sculptures in Atlanta. What a superstar! I highly recommend you go read this fine fine post, asap.

I feel all meme-maternal, now. It's so interesting to get this focused insight into somebody else's home town environment - seeing and hearing about stuff that people who live there might take for granted, or otherwise not normally bother to put into their blog posts.

The main reason I started this project was to give me a regular mission outside my normal functional routine, to go specifically to places that I would usually just proceed straight past, and spend some time there. The whole "meme Friday" thing, as I did not fully understand when I started mine, is generally a nice easy laid-back type of thing - the miraculous Illustration Friday being the exception that proves the rule - so it's kind of funny that I'm now finding myself actually planning time to spend on this project I enjoy so much. There is an element of that whole experience in David's turtle post, which is another extremely cool thing about it.

So, Statuary Friday is now officially a meme! I'd love it if other people wanted to play, as often or as rarely as they liked. Don't feel you have to stick to actual statues, any kind of outdoor sculpture is really what it's aimed at.

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Scrivener said...

Aw shucks, thanks.

The first thing I learned writing that post--not to deter anyone from playing along, because I'd love to see this meme take off for exactly the reasons you enumerate above--is that it's harder than it looks. When I was snapping the pictures, I had this idea that I'd go home and snark about them for a paragraph or two and it'd all be easy and funny. But by the time I got to write the post itself, it was not so easy carrying through. I have a renewed respect for your previous statuary posts.