Monday, 6 June 2005

No, No; Hodge Shall Not Be Shot

Samuel Johnson's Cat, originally uploaded by ghwpix.

Found over at thanks for not being a zombie, this photo of a statue of Samuel Johnson's cat. GHW's gloss gladdens my heart: "Hodge is sitting on top of Johnson's Dictionary, demonstrating that in the eighteenth century, cats were just as likely to sit on your work as they are in the twenty-first century."


Ben.H said...

This is one I need to track down. Hope it's not some kind of Dog on the Tuckerbox deal.

Has Christopher Smart's Jeoffry received a similar honour, I wonder?

lucy tartan said...

I don't know - but there's a little bronze statue of Matthew Flinders' cat Trim on a windowsill of the Macquarie Library, so I'm told.

BwcaBrownie said...

Cat Moment: an old movie, well 1969-ish, The Wrong Box possibly, Peter Sellers plays a mad 19th century doctor (it's an English comedy) and he writes a script then blots the ink with a kitten selected from a basketful on his desk, I think the recipient is Michael Caine.

Ben.H said...

Dr Pratt. And the one he discovers in his desk drawer: "Oh! Would you like a moggy?"

Those Augustan types knew how to name cats.

Speaking of which, I finally scored five Basils today!

lucy tartan said...

me too! first time ever.
Obviously I need to take more photos of my cat, urgently.