Thursday, 30 June 2005

I'm baaaack!

Did you miss me? I hope not!

Rather than immediately launch into a full blow-by-blow description of all the "fascinating" things that have happened in my life since last Friday, I thought it might be nice to ease my way back into the swing of things by posting some CAT. It's like this. From last Friday evening there was an empty cardoard box sitting on the kitchen table, right underneath the attractive 1970s-era hanging light which gives of a certain amount of heat as well as illumination. Baz likes being warm. He also seems to really enjoy and appreciate cardboard.

These were all taken at different times / on different days. I'll be sitting here typing, and he will come along and get on the table, sniff the corner of his box a little bit, headbut it a bit, and maybe chew on it a little bit as well, then he'll rear up and hop! into his box. And there he will stay until forcibly removed. The Cardboard Box Cat-Magnet-Trap.

When we want to eat, I just shift the box onto a chair and he quite happily sits there watching us eat and listening to us talk. As far as I can judge he sees nothing abnormal or peculiar about any part of this routine. It's like he thinks he's joining in with whatever it is that we are doing.

What a catnerd!

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Phantom Scribbler said...

Dear Baz the Advice Cat,

Do you think if I set one of those cardboard box thingies for my kids, they would crawl into it and sit quietly while the adults typed, ate, and talked?

--Muddling Mama in Massachusetts

(P.S. We did miss you. So there.)

Scrivener said...

I missed you too, but it was more that I missed you rather than missed you putting up posts, because I was away from my computer too. And I must admit that I periodically thought, "Oh, I've missed Friday statuary blogging!" and "I wonder what other wonderful things Laura's put up?" So it was kind of a relief to come home and see that you've taken a break too. But I'm glad you're back now, too, because so am I and I'd have very soon started to miss your posts in the more traditional sense.

P.S. My cats love cardboard boxes too. And paper bags. If I put a box on the table, they'd be there all day too.

Kent said...

Oh dear Baz. You are very silly.

Ben.H said...

Well, who doesn't love cardboard? I certainly do. Best cat pics ever, and I learnt something too.

Also, I got yr homepage for the first time ever with ZERO Baz pix on it. Do I win?

Fyodor said...

Great statue. Very lifelike, isn't it?

Zoe said...

hey, laura, can you put some of those nice 70's handles on the box and take Baz for a walk up the street? and take pictures? and post them? please?

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh thank heavens. Back to a kittier world. Cardboard boxes are the best, especially ones with holes in the side that allow you to lie right down and wait until your brother walks past, then shoot your paw out and scratch him. When he jumps in to beat you up you jump out and have another go from the outside. Reverse roles. Often.

Mel said...

This reminds me of one of my favourite childhood books.

Anonymous said...

My dog, who is a compassionate creature, is sitting on my feet and channelling a message to you:

bigger box for cat. let cat lie down. feed cat in box. never let it out...

- barista