Sunday, 19 June 2005

Guest post: Baz does the Book Meme

(Note: I had the photo already! No really! I didn't take it just for this post!)

Total number of books I've owned:

The last book I bought:
I've never bought a book. (Going well, isn't it?)

The last book I read:
Great Lives of the Twentieth Century: Che Guevara

Five books that mean a lot to me:
White Fang
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
Watership Down
How to Build and Upholster Your Own Sofa

I am tagging:
Nobody. This has been too exhausting. It's time I went back to sleep.

(Second note: if anyone wants to eradicate this blog from their blogrolls I completely understand.)


Ampersand Duck said...

Padge and Pooter are in awe that Baz can read. They think books are sleds.

cileo said...

Cleo & Harry are also in awe. They haven't progressed to books, yet. Although Cleo likes playing "skeleton" with the Good Weekend & utility bill notices.

PS. Cleo still thinks Baz is hot.

Zoe said...

I completely believe that you already had the picture. heh

Lucy Tartan said...

When Padge & Pooter are a little bit older, they will realise that books are in fact beds, like every other horizontal surface.

Cileo, watch out, if Baz finds out he has a fan he might try to post a picture of his bare chest on this blog....

Mallrat said...

how can you get to your age without ever having bought a book? please explain

Kitty Brown said...

Dear Baz, here is a link to a miniature art gallery in Canada with a cat exhibiting photographic self portraits

I think he might be a pretentious puss,
love from Kitty ( much prettier than Cleo, and too smart to be sleeping on bikeseats)

m!key said...

Are the rats if NiMH some kind of vermin barrery-acid cult? ;-)

Crystal said...

Puss In Boots?
hey! Cat On A Hot Tin Roof..

Brownie said...

Baz you are probably too adult for Beatrix Potter, but Two Bad Kittens is a fave of minee

Arty said...

Baz said...


Lucy Tartan said...

...and then he went back to sleep.