Sunday, 29 May 2005

Twin Sets

It's beginning to get seriously cold in Melbourne. We need new handknitted woolly jumpers. I think we need matching handknitted woolly jumpers. The only problem is I can't make up my mind which of these super his n hers combos would look grooviest on us.

There's the Kel and Kath look:

Or possibly the Elvis and Priscilla theme is more "in" this winter.

I quite like the "fish-slapping dance" look, personally.

Not entirely sure what's going on here, what with the ballbreaker trousers and the ladywig, but the jumpers are smashing all the same:

This one repels, confuses, yet deeply attracts me, all at once. Sort of Agent 99 meets Bertie Wooster.

Lacking children, it seems doubtful that we could really ever achieve the full magnificence of the effect pictured here. But Baz might look alright in a poncho.


MC said...

OMG pleeease do the librarian themed ones, as I am waiting for an era when the pointy boob will be back in fashion! (Tho I am a v neck grrl myself.)

How pissed off do the poncho kids look?! Especially the pom pom princess, who just looks evil. But then, she has every right to given that stupid top knot complete with pink ribbon.

Hey Laura I reckon you could make a mint knitting v neck black cardigans this season. I only just found one today after looking for about 6 months and spending my whole weekend in Sydney dedicated to the task.

Ampersand Duck said...

I hope the 'him' in his'n'hers is Baz. Less knitting involved, for a start.

Laura said...

Yeah, I was thinking that mini poncho hasn't been fully indoctrinated yet - she still has a tiny tiny spark of rebellion against having been born into the Stepford Poncho Family.

boynton said...

The fish...

The symbolism may be a little abtsract - but I like the pattern.

On the other hand...
a Red and Orange ribbed combo could be strangely cool.

Scrivener said...


Is that fish performing fellatio? That's a scary picture.

What I love about the Elvis picture is that they actually took the time to match each of the ribs of the sweater up with the cordoruy pants.

Mel said...

Mel - I feel very superior as I am wearing a V-neck black cardigan RIGHT NOW (one of my most frequently worn garments).

Laura - that fish picture is uncontrollably hilarious. It is also probably my favourite jumper of them all.

If you want to be very *now*, how about a chunky, deconstructed, cowl-neck cardigan held in place with a whalebone or kilt pin? All the young professionals are wearing those on the weekends.

Lucy Tartan said...

Mel, if you think the fish pic is funny, you should see the rest of the photos in that pattern book.

Unfortunately this is all in the world of daydreams, since my knitting skills are completely spaz and hopeless. A scarf is the highest pinnacle of knitting achievement alas.

I've been trying to find a decent black cardi for months, the one i bought from Esprit in 1999 finally died. Has anybody seen one that is made of fine ribbed wool and is completely plain - no lace, jazzy buttons etc?
Those weird deconstructed ponchos/shawl/cardigans that are in all the shops, well, I think they're gross? How are the old ladies in the op shops of 2006 going to cope with the sudden influx of shapeless droopy garments that won't stay on the hanger? Nobody thinks about these things. Somebody needs to.

MC said...

Laura I think we are soul mates, I think about these things all the time. Right now I also find myself in shopping schizophrenia in that I have to buy warm clothes in Brisbane in time for my trip home to Hobart in July. Victoriously I found my completely plain v-neck cardi in [...wince] David Jones Toowong [double wince] in the closing 20 minutes on a Sunday. I don't think there's a more soul-less place in Australia than Toowong Village late on a Sunday afternoon. The cardi, however, is Benetton (oh how bad can this get) but there was also a nice plain David Lawrence one which I almost bought but I don't trust myself with snap lock buttons. I am too scared that one day I will accidentally break them in an ill-fated eruption of theory grrl frustration. So get thee to the DJ-ery is my advice.

Anonymous said...


Further to my previous comment - not in chronological order - on the other hand, if you, Dorian and Baz should ever decide to be Paton's models, you probably would regret it in much the same way as a tattoo. Down the track.


Lucy Tartan said...

no doubt, no doubt. Much as I regret a) wasting too many hours last winter knitting the Skully sweater from Stitch & Bitch, which turned out to be ugly, weird, and ill-fitting, and the n b) actually wearing it a few times in the effort to pretend it actually turned out half-ok.

R H said...

I'll see if I can find you a black cardigan in SAVERS Footscray. It'll be a bit embarrassing going among the ladies racks but I don't mind.
The average price there for a cardigan is $7.99. All Savers prices have .99 on the end. An endearing tradition. Anyway, if I spot one I'll let you know and you can go and pick it up.
And while you're at it, take a turn up the mall and step into Africa. Yep, the whole Sudan is there.

PS: I don't know what size you are, but judging by your Renee Zellweger hairdo you're probably a ten.


R H said...

Does SAVERS have soul? My word it does, in dead people's clothes.
A chance for the corpse to walk again.

Mindy said...

I like poncho man's downcast eyes as if he is saying, if the guys can't see my eyes, they can't prove it's me. I can deny it all! Oh why did I think modelling would be sexy?