Saturday, 14 May 2005

Cardinal Biggles! Fetch.....THE SOFT CUSHIONS!!!

We made our beautiful floor cushions yesterday, hurray! and they turned out so well that in their honour we spontaneously shifted round all the living-room furniture to accommodate them, and additionally we are now considering applying to Channel 31 about hosting our own lifestyle program. The show would have all the usual segments about how to make bacon and pineapple cake, how to build an aircraft carrier out of MDF, how to break into your neighbour's house and paint their rumpus room purple etc, but the gimmick would be that Baz would be the host. He certainly "helped" a lot during the cushion-making enterprise.

Dorian bought some cotton padding of the kind used inside futon mattresses. As soon as the cat saw this he made a bee-line for it.

While he sat there looking mighty pleased with himself we measured out and cut up our kimono silk lengths.

I sewed up the seams and Dorian pressed them flat. Baz meanwhile worked on making sure the cotton padding was evenly kneaded.

Then we put the covers onto the padding, which made the cat a bit angry.

But he's a clever Baz, and before too long he understood why we were putting the cover around the cotton fluff.

Next we vacuumed up all the bits of white cotton fluff that had transferred to the outside of the cushions. Once again, Basil assisted to the best of his ability.

Then I stitched the open end closed and voila!

And after installation in spontaneously rearranged loungeroom....


momo said...

That Baz is a genius! My cat Sage is similarly talented when it comes to making beds (hospital corners and all).

Zoe said...

ooh, I like those orange armchairs

brownie said...

never mind the armchairs zoe, I like that man who vacuums.

Zoe said...

and irons

no wonder she keeps him

R H said...

Nice joint. Got room for a lodger?

Anonymous said...

Young too. Heaps of use to be had. AND co-operative.

Bugger shows the rest of us up.

- barista

Lucy Tartan said...

David are you talking about my cat or my boyfriend?

Clyde Wallace said...

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Tally said...

My cat is completely the opposite he does absolutely nothing except eat, sleep usually on a pile of garden cushions and wander round the garden (except for the occasional fight with a neighbours cat) if it takes his fancy. He does exactly what he wants to do and that is it, no repect for the hand that feeds him.