Wednesday, 27 April 2005

teh Super-Fantasticness

I'm loving my feet so much today. That stuck-up retard Manolo would puke all over the keyboard if he saw them. Allow me to share.


- thank you for helping out with technical advice everyone!

- I decided not to go with my beautiful fashion kitty banner!

- The Charlotte's Web people have actually been filming for the last four days! however I no longer give a crap! And I couldn't get past the security people to take sneaky spy pictures anyways!

- I have uploaded more photos of Basil to my flickr set as it was suggested that the odds on the bazlotto game over here ---> were unfairly high!

- hitchiker's guide to the galaxy opens tomorrow! It better not be shithouse! Because Martin Freeman is in it and if it sucks then The Office will also be destroyed forever!


Scrivener said...

Hey no fair, THGttG doesn't open over here until the day after tomorrow!

Lucy Tartan said...

so...hadn't you better hurry up and finish your grading??

katy said...

We're going to see HGttG right after the lecture tomorrow night. woo!

And your shoes are *so* hot right now.

Phantom Scribbler said...

I am waiting for your esteemed opinion on HGttG before deciding if it's worth spending precious babysitter time on.

Also I am skeptical as to whether it can really top the old BBC version.

Anonymous said...

I like the shoes-n-socks. ;)


Scrivener said...

Finish, sminish. I've got another set due on Monday, so I'm thinking I'll collect them from campus and then head to the theater, watch THGttG, then pick up the girls. Then I grade all 75 of the essays on Tuesday, and compute and submit my final grades on Wednesday. That's not so bad is it?

Scrivener said...

And yeah I know it's pointless for me to complain about it opening on Friday when I'm not even planning on seeing it until Monday. What can I say? I contradict myself.

Although, if it opened here tomorrow, I could play my hooky then instead of having to wait until Monday.

Brownie said...

cinema: always important to see it before word-of-mouth ruins it for one.
Gradings: allow time for unforeseens!
Shoes: very Ferragamo bellissimo.
Baz Banner: R.I.P.*hiss scratch*
maybe Hakajuju Baz sometime. Gwen Stefani is not the only one (see Clem's blog)

Ampersand Duck said...

As much as I like the BBC tv HGTG, I really don't think it's a book that translates well into anything else but radio (I know, it was the other way around, but you know what I mean). There's just too much for the imagination to do. And whilst this film has i9 (sorry, kitty on keyboard moment) a good pedigree, and I will be seeing it the moment it hits Canberra, I have severe misgivings about it. But I am interested in what you think of it. (BTW: have a very strong loyalty to the BBC radio series, as spent many hours snogging first boyfriend to it!)