Monday, 4 April 2005

papal bull

My Child, in Times such as these, when the Media is overflowing with Sooky, Sodden tributes, Not to Mention Photos of Dead Popes all Blinged Up, it can be difficult to retain a firm mental grasp on the True Facts. Let me supply you with some Authentic images of the Catholic Church, which may serve as your Moral Guide, in this Our hour of Deepest Confusion.

Pray for us.

O, holy of Holies.

And here is one More uplifting Image:

Now, go in Peace. And remember this: the pope who has just Carked it was no defender of human dignity, no friend to the vulnerable and defenceless, (no 'warrior for freedom' as our PM so risibly claimed) : let's hope it takes the cardinals months and months to Duke out which Sucka gets to sit on the Pope Couch next.


fluffy said...

I was much sadder when Father Ted Crilly died. Although the death of the Pope was significant for me in that it meant I had lost $20 at Celebrity Death Lotto.

Cocaine Jesus said...

damn right too. this vain glorious individual was the head of a faith who has enough wealth to pay the third world debt several times over. the same individual who denies equallity to gays. the same individual who prevents africans from using condoms even in the face of an aids epidemic.
well said laura.

PS. i know that we speak the same language but what the hell is "carked"? Death or dead right?

Lucy Tartan said...

hi cocaine jesus (may i call you Cokey Jeez?) yes you are correct on all counts, pope- and language-related.

Though as a small point of correct usage I do not think 'carked' works by itself, it is always given as 'carked it', or (rare) 'cark it'.

A Strine pedant may come along with better information.