Monday, 14 March 2005

gratuitous cat blogging

Having named out cat Basil (actually it was originally Baz' Uul but he chose to Anglicise in order to fit better in the neighbourhood cat profile) it is all too easy to go outside looking for him of a night and shriek, in my best Sybil Fawlty accents, "ba-SIL! BA SIL!! BASIL!!!". Or, alternatively, to tell Baz that he's a spaz. (I know, not P.C.)

But despite being a hairy weird spaz he is indeed a lovely cat, and when he's just woken up (ie nearly all the time) it is very easy to get him to participate in the type of games that previous cats I've had would have bitten toes and fingers off in the aid of.

When a cat goes to sleep on a pile of laundry it definitely means he wishes he had his own repertoire of costumes.

Here is baz wearing my favourite cardigan in the japanese manner: he's a salariman off duty at the local bathhouse

And here he is, a bit more awake and a bit less co-operative, doing his best Patrick Bateman scowl for the camera.