Thursday, 17 March 2005


I am opening the comment function (please, form an orderly queue, there's plenty for everyone.) I decided I would do this if/when I began to get mail about subjects discussed, & today somebody wrote to ask what dick dacks are. I do hope he found the answer edifying.


katy said...


i've been so enjoying your blog and wanting to publicly respond, but biting my tongue (or holding my hands).

apparently, i'll also have to stake out the footpath for any goodies from my neighbours since there's clearly lots of fun to be had...

Susoz said...

I'm glad you opened comments do i could say how wonderful those photos of your cat are! especially the Japanese one.
And I agree with you about editing/revision - I do it a lot and have always felt slightly guilty about it.

Scrivener said...

I'm also glad you've opened up comments because I tried to comment a while back and did not see an email address--but maybe I am jsut blind? Hmm, what was it that I was wanting to say back then? Man, I can't keep it together for ten minutes, I am not gonna remember what I wanted to say a couple of days ago. But next time...

You asked on my blog about Cavell at the FSU conference, but Blogger comments were down then so I never responded (I don't think): I missed it, didn't even know about it. What a sad state of affairs. I went to another conference at FSU just a little before or after that one, so decided against the Lit & Film conference and now I see that I was sooooo at the wrong one! So, was his talk great? I did see him at the CUNY conference on neo-pragmatism way back, and thought his paper was great and got to talk to him for just a few minutes and he was very nice and signed my copy of Uncanniness of the Ordinary.

Lucy Tartan said...

hey thank you for taking an interest people!
Katy, I will definitely give you advance warning and first refusal next time I spot a local contribution to the hard rubbish daisy chain...though from luke's blog I gather you folks already hold advanced degrees in midnight mattress removal.

Baz will be told that he has an admirer in blogland Susoz; maybe I can get him to pose again sometime.

Scrivener, thank you for dropping in; I really do enjoy your blog - a lot. (Though i tried Hem, & didn't get it, not really.) The conference was an eye-opener for me in a lot of ways, i came home not having learned much about 'literature, culture, history' or whatever it was, but heaps about how American academia functions. Cavell's address I enjoyed, but as you know, he's hard enough to unpack on the page let alone in performance, so...yeah. I did get to talk with him a little though, which was wonderful - he came across as a generous and kindly person as well as superhumanly intelligent.
I liked FSU a lot, also - the people there were very friendly.

Scrivener said...

Did you get to meet Ralph Berry? He was one of my profs at FSU, the guy who introduced me to Wittgenstein and Cavell, so he must have been there. I love the FSU English profs. And when I've been to that conference before, I've always met lots of cool people.

I do remember when I heard Cavell in NY moving back and forth between trying to take really good notes so I could go back and unpack them later and just trying to listen and get what I could as he spoke so that I wouldn't miss the performance of it. Not sure I managed to do either well. Actually, when I talked to him afterwards, it was the most nervous I've ever been. I've met some relatively famous people--not that I am exactly rubbing elbows with famous people all the time or anything, but I've met a few, even some people I admire in various ways--but I've never been quite so tongue-tied with fawning admiration as I was when I met this philosopher that probably most of the people I know have never even heard of. It was pretty funny.

Sorry you didn't like Hem--you listened to Rabbit Songs? Was it too slow and folky for you? What kind of music do you usually listen to? I feel bad if I mis-suggested music for you, which is really funny because I love the album and was just passing that along to whomever seemed interested, but I am actually feeling a little guilty at the moment. Like I lied to you or something. Weird, huh?

I've been kind of checking in here, though for a little while I kind of lost your blog address. I'm trying to add you to my blogroll right now, but Blogger is refusing to publish the update. Hrrm. But I like your blog too--cool pics, especially that one of you and your mother, which is beautiful.

Lucy Tartan said...

Yes, Ralph Berry organised the conference, so I did meet him - this is a stupid thing to say, but the mental tag I developed for Ralph was 'Southern hospitality' - he really was extremely welcoming.

I won't regale you with the dumb fanperson remarks I made to Cavell, but i will say that a) I'm positive he gets silly starstruck fan people all the time and b)tongue-tied and/or plain silly is a whole lot better than the terrible creepy crawly behaviour one often sees enacted at the feet of superstar academics.

Lucy Tartan said...

oh and I didn't dislike Hem & apologies are far from necessary (new music recommendations are always good and helpful)it's just that i didn't have the same instant and full-on response there as I had with Iron & Wine.

momo said...

Hello Laura,
Your cat photos are a hoot! I can't wait to come home to Melbs to dress my cat up now! 'Indie Baz' in the plaid shirt looks like my brother-in-law.
Love your work.