Saturday, 26 February 2005

Dodgy Spider Movie


the Heidelberg Leader reports that Heidelberg Park (which is at the bottom of my street opposite Sills Bend) has been rented to America for three months so they can film bits of Charlotte's Web there. Oprah, Nicole Kidman, and John Cleese are in this movie (but none of them are coming to Heidelberg, the Leader admits.)
Heidelberg hasn't been so electrified since the days of Fred McCubbin and his cronies. Honestly, this is exciting. I don't understand it, since the park in question is really ugly and small and there is no part of it from which you cannot see a bit of either Warringal Plaza, the footy club, or the enormous Burgundy Street cop shop, but maybe 'the magic of the movies' will take care of all that.

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